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The Watchmen ministry is a work of Fellowship Baptist Church of Madison, Virginia and the sole purpose is to glorify God and spread His Truth.  To find out more about the Watchmen ministry, visit our home church website at www.fbcmva.com or contact our church office.  We would love to have you visit us during one of our services and worship with us.

What You Can Do

There are many things we as citizens can do to help our country turn to God.  We can pray and ask the Lord to help our nation and also contact our government officials.  Here are a few ways that are proven to be effective communication techniques: 

Making a visit 

Seeing your legislators between sessions when they are in their districts will work to your benefit.  Their schedules are always hectic during the session.  Tips for a visit in either location include the follow: 
  • Be prepared to state your views clearly 
  • Have appropriate materials to leave 
  • Be on time
  • Be friendly, positive, and constructive. 
  • Be specific about desired action. 
  • Most importantly: Be brief! 

Writing an e-mail or letter 

  • Write to your delegate and senator; legislators want to know what their constituents think.  Most are not interested in the concerns of the people from other areas of the state.
  • Write a personal letter; avoid form letters.
  • Keep each letter brief.  Try to limit the subject matter to a single issue.
  • Be positive.  Avoid criticism.  If possible, commend the legislator on some recent action, vote, or public speech.
  • Come to the point quickly, clearly, and concisely.  Whenever possible give a bill number or title.
  • Tell why you hold a particular position. If an organization that you belong to has taken action on this issue, refer to their decision.
  • Raise question.  A well formulated question can many times get a personal response.
  • Point out shortcomings of a particular bill.  Offer suggestion for correcting them.
  • Make your letter timely.  Letters to members of the committee considering the bill are the most important.
  • Spell names correctly, write legibly, use correct salutations.

Using the telephone

  • Be well informed and prepared.
  • Call at a strategic time; for example, just before a vote in committee. 
  • Always be calm and courteous; venting your anger will not help you in your efforts.
  • If you have written or visited with the legislator, remind him or her of that contact.
  • If the legislator is not available, speak with the legislative assistant.